view helen at the mountain

helen at the mountain

Aug26 - Sep15

Organized by Anne Eastman

Tetsuo's Garage, 8-10 Yasukawa-Cho, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

First Floor Store Front RIght Side: Zon Ito & Suzanne McClelland 

(LEFT) Zon Ito, "What Lies Before and Extends Behind is Endless" 2016, Embroidery on fabric    

(RIGHT) Zon Ito, "In Passing, Everything Turns Upside Down" 2016 

Zon Ito, "What Lies Before and Extends Behind is Endless" 2016, Embroidery on fabric    

Suzanne McClelland, "State of the Union 12.5 Trillion Dollars" 240×240cm, Pastel, Charcoal, Acrylic on Raw Canvas

Suzanne McClelland, "Runners Up" 14 - 16, Sandblasted, fused glass with photo resist

First Floor Store Front Videos: Vibeke Tandberg & Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Secret Horror, 1980

Vibeke Tandberg, "Old Man Driving", 2018 

Michael Smith, Annual Easter Egg Roll, 2018, Watercolor, ink and paper

KURA First Floor: Takao Minami & Atsushi Nishijima

Takao Minami, Detail, Light Symbol #7 (Old Chinese Character), 2017, Engraving in led-light bulb, Magnifier, Dimensions Variable

Atsushi Nishijima, Sympathetic Wiretap, audio recording of helen keller, 2018, piano wire, can, stone, wood, sound system, bolts, Dimensions Variable

KURA Second Floor:  Michel Auder (left) & Bunta Hasegawa (right)

Michel Auder, Helen at the Museum, 2018, Single Channel video with sound, RT: 3:44 min.

Bunta Hasegawa, Jiuchanguchan Instagram Feed, ongoing

Corridors: Liz Magic Laser and Ichiro Mishima
Liz Magic Laser, Kiss and Cry, 2015, 13min

Ichiro Mishima, Silver lining, 2018 Video, Metal structure, LED, Electronic circuit 58×78×6cm

Liz Magic Laser, Mine, 2009, Video with no sound, rt: 22 min.

Upstairs Front Right: Sanya Kantarovsky & Ryoko Aoki

Sanya Kantarovsky, Forget Me Nots, 2018, Monotype

Ryoko Aoki, Finding a Feather, 2018, Watercolor on paper, fabric, feather (right fusuma door) and Agora, 2018, pen on paper, plant (left fusuma door)

Ryoko Aoki, The First Horse That Existed, 2018, Watercolor on paper, ink-jet print, felt, oil-based pen on wood

Sanya Kantarovsky, squeeze, 2018, Monotype

Upstairs Front Left: Yuuki Horiuchi & Shizuka Okada

shizuka Okada, a storm and fireflies 2018 ceramic 21×21×19 cm

Yuuki Horiuchi, untitled, 2018, CRT TV, DVD, Colored Paper 

Shizuka Okada, Ankle, 2018, Ceramic

Shizuka Okada, after the small hours, little finger, 2018 (left side) & slender and long my whistle, bird and hand, 2018, ceramic (right side)

Yuuki Horiuchi, Top to bottom: Steam of Breaths, 2017, watercolor on arches, Star Chart (Bird #2), 2018, Postcard, Untitled, 2018, Ceramic Plate and pen

Shizuka Okada, kiss, 2018 Ceramic

Yuuki Horiuchi, Above: Star chart (drawing Bird #1), 2018, Paint on Postcard  &  Below: A Fortune, 2014, 20cm x 20cm watercolor on paper

Shizuka Okada, Hair, 2018, Ceramic

Middle Rooms: Kazukaki Yamane & Reiko Morisaki

Kazuaki Yamane, Fetish, 2018 Plywood, Kusunoki, Mahavairocana, glass, goishi, paper, clock, compas, plexiglass, gold leaf, scripture, SD card

Reiko Morisaki, Bhudda Repair workplace at Tetsuo's Garage, 2018

Back Rooms, 2nd Floor: Amy Yao and Chihiro Mori

Amy Yao, Temps du Parole, 2016 Video, 8 min.

Amy Yao, Katsudon, 2018, Ceramic, Sponge

Chihiro Mori, right side: Colourful Mud (Water Stream of Dam and YAMAMOTOYAMA) 2017 pigment print mounted on panel, left side: Colourful Mud (Cat and Squids) 2017 pigment print mounted on panel 60.0×80.0cm

Photographs by Ichiro Mishima and Anne Eastman