2015 For Troedsson Villa

For Troedsson Villa
curated by Anne Eastman and Tam Ochiai

発案 落合多武 & アン・イーストマン

March 28th - May 10th, 2015  Weekends 11am - 5pm, by appt only
Opening Reception on Saturday, March 28th, 2pm - 8pm+  
Atsushi Nishijima performance at 4:30pm
and Pot au Fou organized by Amy Yao

会期:2015年 3月28日ー5月10日 土曜、日曜 11am - 5pm 予約制
会場:トレッドソン別邸 日光
オープニング・レセプション 3月28日(土曜)2pm−8pm+
ニシジマアツシ パフォーマンス 4:30pm

Francesca Woodman USA b. 1958 d. 1981  
Stanley Whitney USA b. 1946   
Anne Truitt USA b. 1921 d. 2004  
Paul Thek USA b. 1933 d. 1988  
Hiroshi Sugito Japan b. 1970 
Steven Pippin UK b. 1960  
Hiroyuki Oki Japan b. 1964  
Takuma Nakahira Japan b. 1938   
Marcia Hafif USA b. 1929  
Peter Fend USA b. 1950  
Mari Eastman USA b. 1970  
Erica Baum USA b. 1961 
Ryoko Aoki Japan b. 1973 
Michel Auder France b. 1945 
Marie Angeletti France b. 1984 




今回の展覧会、”トレッドソン別邸のため” では、アート作品は家具その他の配置を変えていない状態のトレッドソン別邸内に点在する、ここでは展示場所と展示作品の差異は希薄になるだろう、虎の絵図の絨毯に、ミニマルな絵画、箪笥、tvルームのビデオ、それらは部屋の中から望む自然の風景とともにひとつのインスタレーションを形作る。






The Troedsson Villa was completed in 1931, the same year as the Empire State Building in New York. 

It was designed by Antonin Raymond, who came to Japan with Frank Lloyd Wright in 1919 to work on the construction of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.  Raymond opened an architectural office in Tokyo after parting ways with Frank Lloyd Wright, and in 1931 Junzo Yoshimura began working for him. The same year, Raymond designated Yoshimura, then only 23, as the lead architect for the Troedsson Villa project. The house is significant in that it represents the continuum of three important architects in Japan’s history of early modernism, leading from Frank Lloyd Wright to Antonin Raymond to Junzo Yoshimura.

Situated in the foothills of Nikko National Park, the house is located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sannai which is famous for a number of important Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, and has history of being a site of spiritual pilgrimage dating back over 1200 years.

The house is also interesting for its history of international ownership, beginning with Mr. Troedsson, the swedish merchant who originally commissioned Raymond to build the house and who lived there through WWII, it was later sold to an English family after the war, followed by an American owner from the 60s through the late 80s. The present owners, who are Japanese and American, have owned the house for almost 30 years, and have named it Torin-an. 

The combination of Japanese and western influences, imparted by its previous owners, are reflected in the design of the house and mirrored by the history of Nikko, which was a popular resort town amongst westerners living in Japan dating back to the Meiji era.  It’s notable and cascading modern architectural lineage, the history of the area, and the influence of the different owners, combine to make a unique site for an art exhibition.  The artists in this exhibition reflect the genealogy of the house and together they will contribute yet another layer of history to the house.

In this exhibition, 'for troedsson villa', the artworks will be installed throughout the house without changing the existing arrangement of furniture and objects, blurring the distinction between site and artworks.  A tiger rug, a minimal painting, a japanese chest, video art playing in the tv room, the natural landscape visible from the windows, combine to create a single installation. 

Diverse artworks and artists will come together, stop, move, stay, speak, and converse with each other, transforming Troedsson Villa into a site where such experimental things may occur. From outside the window a monkey may glance into the exhibition, or a deer might come to see the show, or perhaps a neighbor's cat will stop by to say hello.

Troedsson villa is a private home, for information about this exhibition email troedssonvilla@gmail.com

Special thanks to:

Tomio Koyama Gallery, team (gallery, inc.), Matthew Marks Gallery, Alexandra Truitt, Tadao Ishikawa , Craig Garrett, Gallery Side 2, Bureau, Take Ninagawa, ARATANIURANO, Yoko Sawada (Osiris), Shugo Arts, Amy Yao, David Donahue, Mika Shigemori, Atsushi Nishijima, Yuzo Sakuramoto, and Richard and Mariko Eastman.

Anne Eastman & Tam Ochiai 2015