2015 Kitchen Show

Pot au Fou
curated by Amy Yao

opening march 28th 2pm - 8+pm

march 29th - may 10th, 2015

Chris Ballreich
Liz Craft
David Donahue
Andrei Koschmeider
Bradley Kronz
Louise Lawler
Margaret Lee
Tobias Madison/ Emmanuel Rossetti
Kazu Oba
Carissa Rodriguez
Amy Yao

When the soup comes together, all the various ingredients melt together to create a singular sensorial experience. One hopes it might yield taste that is simple yet complex and dynamic. Oishi! A ripe plum bought at a market for example may appear to have come out of nowhere, yet it exists as a fusion of invisible labor - the invisible labor of the elements, time, space, sun, moon... Take away one of these elements and the fruit may loose its flavor. Alchemy in kitchen time is easily forgotten as ingredients pass from lips to tongue and through the stomach, that insatiable organ. Similarly, as methods of production of life become more sophisticated, we lose touch with all the processes that enable us to live as we do.

Art presented in a kitchen - an often invisible space of production that produces, whether sophisticated, basic or rustic, sustenance essential for human survival - hopes to situate the art as food for thought. Or better yet in a context that embraces the communicative spirit of art, passing art for tool, or material waiting to be manipulated. Considering that individuality is part of what creates difference and thus value in a work of art, would it be a foolish curatorial agenda to want to mix up and synthesize the discreet artistic articulations created by this chosen group of artists into a seamless integrated encounter, a big Pot au Fou?